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‘He commented that an effort is made not to over-represent a particular demographic, but that it is true that ‘many notes are from people that are downtrodden or disenfranchised.’’

‘This distribution over-represents pre-registration house officers, who make up 10% of the trainee population.’

‘It over-represents the status quo, the ideological middle, and the wealthy, and leaves everyone else unrepresented.’

‘The LoC exhibit over-represents people; actually the majority of P-G’s images feature landscapes, architecture and art treasures.’

‘It over-represents its smaller member states in a way that, say, the United Nations or WTO never could.’

‘Our focus on STI clinic patients likely biased the study results by over-representing men and women who engage in considerable risk behaviors and are at some of the highest risks for HIV infection.’

‘You can have a form of internal deception where the maternal side is over-representing maternal interests which the paternal side is discounting, and vice versa.’

‘Such biostratinomic overprinting is difficult to quantify because the effect of such washing can over-represent the smaller elements in one sample and under-represent them in another.’

‘This opens the door to various forms of strategic behavior, including the attempt by A to over-represent its net marginal benefit and by B to over-represent the marginal damage it incurs.’

‘It is interesting that political sympathies did not lead the editors to over-represent women or minorities among their biographical subjects.’

‘Any superficial inventory of a habitat is likely to over-represent the frequent species.’

‘Most of the participants in over half of the studies in our systematic review were African-American or Hispanic, thus over-representing lower socioeconomic groups.’

‘If anything, both groups tend to over-represent pitching (31 percent of all non-Negro League and non-player selections), while significantly under-representing third basemen (five percent).’

‘The result is to grossly over-represent smaller states, which are entitled to two senators and one representative, for a total of three electoral votes, no matter how small their population.’

‘His work is probably over-represented in the exhibition.’

‘Despite liberal access to subfertility treatment in Belgium, including partial reimbursement, we cannot be sure that women of higher social classes were not over-represented in the subfertility group.’

‘With the results of the 1980 referendum, he maintained that the gender gap in support for sovereignty was a consequence of women being over-represented in certain socio-economic categories.’

‘While some said Aboriginal youth were greatly over-represented considering the percentage of Aboriginal people in the general population, they found it hard to believe their involvement could be anywhere near 90 per cent.’

‘So in this class the Coalition is over-represented by 7.4 per cent.’

‘In a large meta-analysis involving 150 studies and 100,000 participants, in 14 out of 16 categories of risk-taking, men were over-represented.’

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